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Top Ten Artists For All Time

1. Yoko Ono

Most Important

Artist Of Our Time

6. The Osmond Bros

A Southern

Rock Triumph

2. Elton John

Best Artist

Of All Time

7. John Ford Coley

Leader Of The Band

3. Chicago

Best Musicianship

Ever In A Band

8. Diana Ross

I Hear A Lead Singer

4. Little River Band

 Six Names

to Know by Heart

9. Leonard Cohen

OMG You're

Bettter Than Dylan

5. The Association

Best Vocal Group

In 3,000 Years

10. Adam Marsland

Best Writer Of

Any Decade

This One Goes to 11!

11. Grayson Hugh

The Classic Story of a Rock 'n Roller

Artists of Considerable Note

Susan Mashiyama

Best Harpist


Westcoast's Best


Scent of Triumph

by Jan Moran

Best Historical Novel




Debbie Friedman

King David's

Songwriting Partner

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