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SUSAN MASHIYAMA is a California harp player and singer/songwriter whose pieces have mythological themes influenced by traditional and Celtic music. Trained classically in piano and violin, Susan also plays the Irish fiddle.


Her debut album Dance of the Fairies is a collection of original pieces as well as some classic favorites such as "Ave Maria" and "Danny Boy." Susan recorded a Christmas album and her future plans include pieces from different religious traditions.

Susan serves as the Music Director for the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarians.


She hopes people can feel peacefulness and joy when

she plays music, while her aggressive style with the harp also demonstrates its percussive versatility. 


Her version of Guns and Roses “Sweet Child of Mine” is a well-requested classic.


Susan recently played Israeli and Jewish favorites for her Harp performance above The Sea of Galilee.  In Israeli it is known as The Kinneret, or Harp.

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