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On 11-17-22, 52 years on, Elton John’s most loyal fans from around the world gathered in Los Angeles and sat eye-to-eye with the musicians, singing every word and fueling a high-energy 21-track concert journey through John’s massive musical catalog.

"The room was packed with devoted Elton fans, and they knew every word to the deep cuts. They sang so loud that they almost drowned out myself and Flight of Voices…It was more than a concert, it seemed to be a once-in-a-lifetime event that spanned generations and continents…They all sang together as if they had known each other for years!”

-- Caleb Quaye

Coming Soon! We will meet all of them!
Fan after fan were overjoyed and considered this night and concert to be one of the most important journeys they took by sharing their passion with friends they had known for years, first as pen pals and then on the internet because they all shared a love for the music of Elton John and have not stopped writing about it or talking about it since they first
heard it. They remember when rock was young, and they and Lucy had so much fun and they brought the same spirit together once again on 11-17-22.  It is the treasure children
always seem to find and just like them, they had their
Once Upon A Time together.

A Time You Can Or Never Shall Erase.
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